Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Hydrogen refuelling station for urban hybrid fuel cell vehicles (IR)

Leader: CNR – ITAE

The hydrogen refill station, for urban hybrid fuel cell vehicles, is designed to produce and provide gaseous hydrogen. The fuel cell bus is equipped with a storage cylinder of 150 liters @ 350 bar and refuelling times should be less than 30 minutes. The requirements of hydrogen production is estimated at about 70 Nm³ / day.

Hydrogen refill station is composed by:

1) Electrolytic Unit Production EUPH2 in which hydrogen is produced at low pressure (4 bar);
2) Multistage Compression System Unit MCSH2 where hydrogen is compressed at 360 bar;
3) High pressure buffer storage (HPBH2);
4) Hydrogen Dispenser HDH2.

Only trained operators are able to carried out refuelling; a Control Unit (CUH2) monitors all significant parameters of refuelling.



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