SmartPlanning Lab

The Logo defSmart Planning Lab (SPL) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory on urban planning with the aim of discussing the issues of urban metabolism management and connecting activities of strategic planning and applied research, innovation technology and economic, ecological and climatic factors in the framework of the i-NEXT research project (Innovation for greeN Energy and eXchange in Transportation), financed by the National Operational Program for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013. The SPL promotes awareness and projects about Smart City, implementing urban democracy and governance with the aim of disseminating research results of the i-NEXT project and supporting local actors in energetic sustainable development. The SPL supports the research project in all its phases, improving public-private partnership and including the citizens in urban transformation processes and sustainable development policies, in order to populate the cities with smart citizens.
One of the main targets of SPL is digital/on cloud information dissemination and scientific reports for Public Administration experts for the shared creation of practices of energy efficiency and to ensure the dissemination of “zero consumption” new urban lifestyles.
Furthermore, the laboratory elaborates proposals for urban regeneration programs about “urban energy districts”: urban areas in which to introduce environmental and social sustainability through the high ecological standards of buildings, public spaces, mobility, waste recycling, digital infrastructures.
From an urban, social and creative prospective, the Smart Planning Lab works to build new visions through territorial analyses that will be disseminated in order to transfer the research results to future governance.
SPL is linked with other cities that are experimenting urban smartness projects in order to establish a “Smart Cities Network” and to strengthen the urban systems of Italy and bring them into line with similar European city networks.

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