Director and Scientific Responsible

Professor Maurizio Carta_Architect

Architect and PhD in urbanism and regional planning, he is full professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Department of Architecture of the University of Palermo. In 1998 he was among the founders of the Degree in “Urbanism and Regional and Landscape Planning” of Palermo, which was inspired by the holistic vision of Adriano Olivetti and Giovanni Astengo about urban planning as a discipline capable of integrating different knowledge, interpretations and tools for planning and governing cities, rural lands and landscape. From 2013 is the coordinator of the B.Sc in “Urbanism, regional and landscape planning” and of the M.Sc in “Urban and Regional Planning”.

He’s Deputy Rector for Cultural Affairs of the University of Palermo, Vice-president of the Polytechnic School and Deputy Director of the Department of Architecture.
From 2009 to 2011 he was Town Councillor of the Municipality of Palermo for Old Town Regeneration and Strategic Plan.
He has been member of Italian Society of Urban Planners Steering Committee (2000-03).

 He is senior expert on strategic planning, urbanism, urban regeneration and local development and he was the author of several urban, landscape and strategic plans in Italy. Author of various articles and published works, such as “Reimaginig Urbanism”, “Creative City”, “Governare l’evoluzione”, “L’armatura culturale del territorio”.

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