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Tav. 8 Classes of electricity consumption (year 2012)

The representation is based on a model that interpolates the values ​​of average annual consumption by the point of supply of electricity energy of municipal utilities in medium and low voltage for public lighting and buildings. This representation shows parts of the city more or less sustainable in terms of energy and indirectly monitors the use of land showing large residential concentrations and large services polarizations, in terms of the need for electricity supply (security) and / or energy waste. Areas with higher consumption (red) and with lower consumption (blue) can be identified.
The representation, based on a given interpolation, includes areas (almost white) where values ​​are calculated and not real. The model is necessary for subsequent analysis and more regarded as the first “step” analysis of energy data.
(Data source: POD Enel and ENEL consumption  tables year 2012).





Tav.9 Cluster of energy consumption by municipal utilities

The representation is based on a zonal analysis with a hexagonal grid (distance between the poles of each hexagon = 250m) of electrical energy consumption of municipal utilities in medium and low voltage for public lighting and for buildings. Each hexagon contains the average value of energy consumption derived from the analysis included in Tav.8. Subsequently the hexagons were filtered and represented on the map as a function of a value of average annual consumption exceeding 10,000 KWh in order to identify “clusters of energy consumption”.
The same model was used for the representation of the clusters of energy consumption of buildings, and just for the month of August. In the tridimensional representation, the height shows the absolute value of the average consumption estimated in the hexagonal cell.
(Data source: POD Enel and ENEL consumption tables year 2012).

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