Welfare and Administrative Centrality

tav_1_cartogramma_scuole      tav_1a_cartogramma_servizi_pubblici

Tav. 1 Consistency of administrative services and public utility services at the neighborhood level and school services in the “Integrated Transformation Areas” (ATI) [Graphic Chart]

The representations render the rank of each ATI (Integrated Transformation Areas defined by the Strategic Plan of Palermo Euro-Mediterranean Area Capital) through a deformed map in which the polygon are scaled according to the high number of administrative services, public utility services at the neighborhood level and school services. The following services were thus considered: municipal, regional departments, judicial authorities, provincial offices etc.
The analysis underline the real local hierarchy of the different parts of the city and show the territorial imbalances that will have to be compensated by innovative urban policies.
(Data Source: Urban Certer Palermo).

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