Urban Planning

Smart Planning Lab (SPL), by integrating traditional sources of information and new forms of data produced by the fixed flow of communications, produces spatial analyses oriented towards urban planning oriented. With the use of specific algorithms and the interpretation of spatial information about mobility, energy and localization of urban functions, SPL analyzes urban metabolism with a new approach. The approach is innovative because it allows to analyze urban life with the help of energy and mobility data, social networks and databases (open data, big data, human data, etc). This approach is able to create an advanced urbanism whose city project is an ongoing and participatory process, capable of actively responding to several urban problems, including mobility and energy issues.

We will release the representations to understand the urban metabolism of Palermo represented and analyzed by Data. The integration of smart technologies, internet of things and active citizenship can actually increase urban intelligence.



Miniatura_Servizio Pubblico su gomma        Miniatura_Servizio Pubblico su gomma



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