Grid Analyzer for System Monitoring

Leader: TRE

TGA (Tozzi Grid Analyzer) is a Smart Meter: an electric parameter acquisition device.

TGA measures the following 3-phase grid parameters:


  • Line-Neutral Voltage (V);
  • Line-Line Voltage (V);
  • Current (A);
  • Active (W), Reactive (VAR), Apparent Power (VA);
  • Power Factor cosj ;
  • Voltage and Current Harmonics;
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (%);
  • Frequency (Hz).

Any Micro-Grid plant will be connected to a dedicated TGA. Installation procedure is not invasive: TGAs will be installed downstream of each inverter of RES Power Plant and downstream of loads electrical cabinets.
TGA is available in IP65 and IP20 versions.

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