Energy Storage System

Realization of a district Energy Storage System prototype (IR)

Leader: TRE

Energy storage mediates between variable sources and variable loads. Without storage, energy generation must equal energy consumption. Energy storage works by moving energy through time. Energy generated at one time can be used at another time through storage.
Final target of this activity is the realization of a district Energy Storage System prototype. Technical specifications of the system derived from a dedicated preliminary analysis. NaNiCl2 based battery technology had been selected after a comparison between the most suitable electrochemical storage technologies. System size will be: 100 kW / 300 kWh.
NaNiCl2 storage technology performances are typical of energy-intensive systems; however it’s characterized by a satisfactory power-intensive behavior.
FIAMM batteries was chosen after a study of overall battery characteristic manufactured by FIAMM S.p.A. and GE Corporation.

The Battery  and Container

FIAMM batteries technical specifications

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