Cloud Governance

SmartnessitaWe are increasingly immersed in the society of knowledge, of creativity and innovation, today universally regarded as the key to competitiveness, true anti-cyclical factors with respect to the crisis that has overrun the capitalist development protocols Which requires processes of knowledge creation, spread and replacement. It requires a constant, powerful and pervasive flow of knowledge, exchange of information, and instant evaluation about the effects of government actions. Innovation has no boundaries, it affects each and every an aspect of institutions and enterprises and operates as a “mutagen” of society, requiring a paradigm shift to whom bears the responsibility of governing under the aegis of a renewed leadership. From global to local economies and back: this is the challenge all leadership around the world are facing today, both at the national, local or business level. The infertile opposition between global and local is no longer an option, as they are deeply connected by the Network Society, and so is the ambiguous definition of “glocalization” with its recent load of rhetoric, lacking operational substance if compared to the first pioneering experiences. The new path ahead of the world socio-economies today is to draw on the long network flows, transforming them through spatial patterns into energy for local systems. These flows, once diversified into veins of identity, generate value in the local realm to be re-entered in the large global corridors that will thus be revitalised, nurtured, characterized and differentiated.

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